University Students Supports/Outreach, UNIJOS, Plateau State, Nigeria

University of Jos Students Support/Outreach Plateau State, Nigeria.

Safety and Security for University of Jos Students.
Oftentimes, crisis in Plateau States have claimed the lives of promising students from the beginning of their studies and even some during their final examinations. 
Their lives are always at stake, even when there is a small breach of Peace in the State. No form of active security response mechanism to safeguard students and the premises against such. Students are not liabilities but Assets.
Students should not be victims of every crisis in Jos, Plateau State. Students should not be murdered in cold blood or shot at.
It’s the right of every student to have a safe, secure and conducive learning environment. The environment of students should have an effective security response mechanism and a quick reaction team should be set-up for such emergencies that can respond within 5 minutes maximum. Some parents had to sell of properties and even borrow money for their children to be in school, only for them to be killed, imagine the pain of such parents.
Some students had to even work extra to meet up paying school fees, others had been looking for admission for years, only to be killed in a crisis.
Please let’s all stand up for the protection of:


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At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!
After the Campaign, UPVAC in collaboration with Algier 12 Properties Ltd distributed food items and other relief materials to the students.

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