Widows Outreach/Empowerment July 2022

The pressure of conforming to several widowhood practices does not allow widows enjoy the best of health. The stigma or outright rejection leaves them abandoned and maybe depressed. Saddled with the weight of their cares and worries, some of these widows are unable to access good healthcare.
During the Widows Empowerment Outreach, Universal Peace and Violence Amelioration Centre – UPVAC provided free medical interventions. Widows are humans too; they have the right to health.

  • Target Group: Vulnerable Widows
  • Location: Plateau State, Nigeria
  • Year: July, 2022

Widows go through a lot. Most of them feel helpless and maltreated. For some, the loss of their husbands left their world completely altered.
Universal Peace and Violence Amelioration Centre (UPVAC) is deliberate in it’s bid to look out for them, protect them and let justice be served for those who have been treated unjustly. UPVAC’s program- Widows Outreach Project was a success. We catered to their needs by providing food and non-food items. Also, we provided free medical checkup/tests and counselling sessions as well as a forum where widows with different challenges requiring legal aid presented their cases to the legal team. There were lectures, interactive segments and of course good music.

We specially thank all our ambassadors, members, staff, volunteers, friends and well wishers for the sacrifices they made to make this program a good success.
We are encouraged to continually touch the lives of the less privileged and put smiles on the faces of underprivileged widows.

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